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Ingrid Isabella
Ann Todd Remembers Ingrid
Very lovely & extensive article by Ingrid's friend, actress Ann Todd. From Reader's Digest
Feb. 1984
New Yorker Oct. 23, 1989
Extremely detailed article about Isabella bringing her mother's things to the Ingrid Bergman archive at Wesleyan University. A favorite!
People Sept. 19, 1983
Family & friends honor Ingrid at a benefit in Venice on 1st anniversary of her death.
W magazine May 2001
Good interview about her philosophy on aging, Manifesto line, and her family. Photos included.
Ladies Home Journal Dec. 1978
Gene Shalit interviews her about Autumn Sonata & its parallels to her life.
Money for Women May/June 2001
Fascinating interview in which she relates views on money & what it can and cannot do for you. Photos included.
Legends by Tom Shales (1989)
Excerpt from the noted critic's book. Interview done in 1980 while promoting her autobiography.
In Style Mar. 2001
Shows off her barn and details her decorating style. Photos included.
Half Past Autumn excerpt (1997)
Great photographer Gordon Parks remembers Ingrid & Roberto during the making of Stromboli. Photos included.
Time Out New York Sept. 21-28, 2000
Good insight about her film Left Luggage & playing unglamorous roles. Small pic included.
Notorious by Michael Atkinson
Film critic Atkinson's lighthearted take on the sexual aspects of the movie in this entertaining review.
NY Daily News Sept. 19, 2000
Another good article about her role in Left Luggage as a Hasidic Jew.
NY Times Aug. 27, 1967
Ingrid chatters & free-associates in this interview, as she prepares to return to Broadway. By very observant reporter.
NY Daily News Sept. 27, 1999
Interviewed about her participation in the Adoption Fair in NYC. Small pic included.
NY Times April 20, 1975
Good interview - has Ingrid going into detail about her love of acting and how her roles change as she gets older.
Harper's Bazaar May 1997
Written by Isabella in her very charming style. Similar to her book, though not an excerpt. Photos included.
Photoplay Oct. 1943
Old movie magazine profile of Ingrid. Fun article, but probably not the most accurate! Interesting to read though. Photos included.
Life Nov. 1985
Isabella talks about becoming an actres; both she and her twin Ingrid talk about their famous parents. Photos included.
Saratoga Trunk a review
Ingrid as a creole? Who would've thunk it! Here's my own take on this fun movie. Small pic.
In Style May 2000
Isabella serves Swedish dishes at a party to celebrate her Maifesto line. Pick up the recipes here!
Stromboli a review
Ingrid's first film with Roberto Rossellini; unfairly dismissed at time of its release because of the "scandal", here's my more objective take on it. Small pic.
Isabella, Ingrid and Capa
Isabella recalls how she learned about her mother's affir with photographer Robert Capa.
Europa '51 a review
One of my favorite of Ingrid's films with Rossellini. Here's my in-depth review. Small pic.
Interview Feb. 1996
Isabella reflects on beauty and its effects; also talks of introducing her daughter to Ingrid's films.
Notorious 101
Did ou know Ingrid taught Mel Gibson how to kiss? Well, sot of! Read about it here! Small pic.
NEW A Magazine Movie July 2002
Stylish and enigmatic photo story featuring Isabella and lookalike model Malgosia, from Interview magazine. Rather reminiscent of the film Autumn Sonata.
Ingrid & Mary Tyler Moore show
I have noticed some uncanny similarities between Ingrid and this classic sitcom. Am I nuts or do you see them too? Small pics.
Santa Marinella Memories
Livio Spinelli has interviewed residents of this place which was home to Ingrid & Isabella and their family for many summers. Enjoy the fond recollections and pictures. Thanks to Nancy for translating!!

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