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Ingrid at Internet Movie DataBase
Definitive listing of Ingrid's performances, featuring all sorts of minutia, inluding video and dvd availabilty. More info than you can shake a stick at.
Isabella at Internet Movie DataBase
Definitive listing of Isabella's performances, featuring all sorts of minutia, inluding video and dvd availabilty. More info than you can shake a stick at.
Ingrid a tribute
My friend Mika is relaunching his Ingrid site! Numerous galleries of rare, high quality photos; definitive lists of films & theater apperances.Already added nearly 200 photos and more to come!
Isabella's very own website! Great info and photos about her Manifesto line. I love the voice recordings she did for the site!
Complete Ingrid Bergman Page
Excellent site by Matt Cawley; as the name states, it's very comprehensive; includes original magazine The Ingrid Chronicles
The Isabella Rossellini Lounge
A small, but active Yahoo group; nice place for discussing all things Isabella; fellow fan Heather and I are co-founders.
Ingrid Bergman International
A large and very popular Yahoo group created by my pal Mary Hutchings; a place for fans to meet & discuss Ingrid.
Isabella at a Booksigning in NY
Fan page with good photos of Isabella visiting the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY to promote her book.
Die Vier Gesellen animations
Mika Raatikainen made some gorgeous video clips from this ultra rare German film of Ingrid's; if you can't get hold of the video, this is the next best thing.
Isabella introduces Open City screening
At Cantor Film Center in NY; details her introduction; includes photos from the event - she looks radiant.
Reel Classics Ingrid Bergman Page
Very good site; includes bio, pics, & reviews; a great & vast classic Hollywood site.
The City of Absurdity
Great David Lynch site; includes articles with his actors, including Isabella; my fave - The Face interview with both Lynch & Isabella.
Ingrid on Swedish island Fjallbacka
Many wonderful candid photos of Ingrid & family during annual visits to Sweden; includes pic of unique Ingrid statue.
As Time Goes By: Ingrid Bergman Remembered
Xu Min's elegantly designed site, with very beautiful photo animations; has Isabella animation as well; lots of photos & info; in Chinese.
Mary Hutching's Briefcase
Numerous Ingrid photos, including two complete albums of lovely screen captures from Inn of the Sixth Happiness. A must for fans of this film.
Pat Webb's Ingrid Bergman Page
Lovely framed portraits of Ingrid set against Pat's elegant "Ingrid Rose" background.
Inside Notorious
Fantastic review; film critic Adrian Martin's very insightful article on the Hitchcock classic.

Other Great Links

My site celebrating the fabulously talented and beautiful actress Lena Olin who is currently playing Evil Spy Mama on tv's Alias. Lots of photos and articles. Hope you'll visit and enjoy.

The Safehouse
My absolute favorite Alias site. Has the latest scoop and photos, plus these women are extremely witty. Great fun.

Alias Media
Superb site on this outstanding tv series. Pure heaven for Alias fans.

Television Without Pity
The hilarious Alias episode recaps are often more entertaining than the shows themselves. Great forums too.

Very comprehensive site on this superb actress. Current info, photo galleries and more.

Irene Jacob, Another Glance
Good site on this great actress (who reminds me of Ingrid). The English translations aren't always very clear to me, but lots of news.

Jason's Juliette Binoche Galleries
Loads of wonderful photos of this great beauty.

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