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Friday, 6/22/01, 4:25 AM
Name: Arlindo Correia
From: Lisbon - Portugal
Web Site: Arlindo Correia's personal page
E-mail: arlindo_correia@yahoo.com

It was a pleasant surprise to find a site about Ingrid Bergman, so well done, like yours. Iżve been always a fan of this wonderful woman and big actress. Your site is very informative and complete, I enjoyed very much browsing it. Congratulations! Arlindo Correia

Tuesday, 6/19/01, 5:06 PM
Name: Dante Scuderi
From: San Diego California

Michelle, This site is wonderful! What a wonderful idea to combine this extraordinary mother/daughter pair. We're all in your debt. Lovely photos are especially appreciated. Ciao,Dante

Sunday, 6/17/01, 1:59 PM
Name: Tasha Vukichevich
From: Belgrade, Serbia
Web Site: Tasha's Grace Kelly Page
E-mail: tasha@beotel.yu

Dear Michelle, Thank you very much for such a lovely and classy tribute to the two unique ladies. This is one of the best and most elegant sites I've ever seen and I have enjoyed my visit immensely. Thank you again. Best Regards, Tasha Vukichevich

Monday, 6/4/01, 5:59 AM
Name: Suzanne
From: New York
Web Site: "Babyface" - A Tribute to Nancy Carroll

Michelle, You have done an outstanding job on this site. It is extremely informative,professionally presented, and very attractive. It is a lovely tribute to two of the most beautiful, talented, and "enchanting" women performers of all time. I will be visiting frequently.

Sunday, 6/3/01, 9:24 AM
Name: Ariana
From: California

Great job,Michelle!Truly,this is one of the best sites I've seen ever.This is a very informative site about Ingrid and Isabella.Which is great,cause I haven't found a good site on Isabella yet.This site is loaded with pictures of mother and daughter.Almost all of them are new to me.The articles are big-time cool.They give you an insight from different perspectives on them both.Congratulations,again

Friday, 6/1/01, 3:00 PM
Name: Meredy
From: PA
Web Site: Meredy's Place - Classic Movies/TV/Celebrities

Lovely :-) Meredy

Thursday, 5/31/01, 8:52 AM
Name: Martin
From: Ontario
E-mail: maralvar@yahoo.com

Hello Michelle I just wanted to tell you that your website is amazing I look at the beautiful pictures that you have put in, its so great!!! I wanted to thank you for your advise on my page I really appreciate that. This is Mars. Signing off bye, bye

Thursday, 5/31/01, 4:28 AM
Name: Xu Min

I totally agree with Mary that the article written by Ann Todd is very moving. Long time ago, I read its Chinese version and I treasured it. Michelle,we have two same articles in our own sites. One is the "Unforgettable Ingrid Bergman" and the other is "People honor Ingrid at a benefit in Venice on 1st anniversary of her death". The difference is that mine are in Chinese. Isn't it interesting? I am very glad that I have the chance to read those original editions. Thanks, Michelle!

Wednesday, 5/30/01, 7:51 PM
Name: Andrea
From: Charlottesville, Virginia
Web Site: Andrea's Eclectic Ex;pressions
E-mail: solomon30@aol.com

I love Ingrid Bergman Goddess of film. Your site is a wonderful tribute to she and her daughter Isabella.

Wednesday, 5/30/01, 2:32 PM
Name: Mary
E-mail: Mary@ingrid67.freeserve.co.uk

I've just taken a closer and longer look at your website, Michelle. The articles section is very moving, especially the article by Ann Todd. I wish she was still alive, as she would be such a lively source of material on Ingrid. Pity we didn't catch her before she went to join Ingrid. I bet they are having fun in Heaven! Thanks again for a most illuminating website. Mary

Monday, 5/28/01, 1:54 PM
Name: Mary, alias Hoka, the bandit
From: Shansi, Northern China
E-mail: Mary@ingrid67.freeserve.co.uk

Good luck with the new site, Michelle! Wish I knew how to do it. It's still a mystery to me! Love - Mary [from somewhere in orbit, due to chronic Ingriditis!]

Monday, 5/28/01, 11:31 AM
Name: Anna Roberson
From: Texas
E-mail: ajxpress@txucom.net

I love your site, especially the first page of mother and daughter side by side.

Monday, 5/28/01, 6:58 AM
Name: Xu Min
From: Shanghai
Web Site: As time goes by---Ingrid Bergman Remembered

Hi Michelle, the great job youĦŻve done!!! There are lots of materials are the first time IĦŻve ever seen and your site looks very beautiful! Thank you for doing it for us! And I am very glad that you put my homepage as a link in your site, thank you

Sunday, 5/27/01, 6:29 PM
Name: Daniel Hendler
From: Israel
E-mail: daniel998@bezeqint.net

Congratulations Michelle!. You have done a magnificent, tasteful, comprehensive and most of all incredibly enjoyable work. Every section has been beautifully presented and I have enjoyed very much each one of them, especially the Articles section, worth of reading more than once. I hope you will be updating your site, and I will visit it frequently. All in all it's my pleasure!!! Daniel

Sunday, 5/27/01, 5:24 PM
Name: Your #1 Fan

Congratulations! You've done it again, or rather, should I say -you've outdone yourself. I'm certain all Ingrid & Isabella fans will enjoy & appreciate all your hard work.

Wednesday, 5/23/01, 11:57 PM
Name: Mika
From: Finland

Now this is impressive, Michelle!! You have made wonderful job, and surely lots of work, and I'm sure every fan of Ingrid and Isabella will appreciate this. Best of luck with this project and thanks again.

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