Notorious 101
lessons learned from Ingrid & Cary
by Michelle Fryou

So, you want to learn how to kiss, eh? Well, come on in and take a Master Class from none other than movie legends Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant. You all know what Notorious screen kiss I meanů.. that slow, sensuous, smoldering smooch that is still sexy today. Not only is it deserving of its place in Movieline magazine's list of Top Ten Screen Kisses, but it's had a direct effect on another memorable screen couple - Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver.

Now who would've thought that Mel - onetime "sexiest man alive" honoree, and father of, what, six or seven kids now - needed any help in the kissing department? Ah, but there's an art to this little thing they call movie making. Seems director Peter Weir wanted for his film The Year of Living Dangerously not so much the tonsil probing kisses of more recent movies, but instead something more like the erotic intensity achieved by Ingrid and Cary. So, Weir had his stars, Gibson and Weaver, watch and study their kisses in Hitchcock's masterpiece of desire and deception over and over again.

What's the saying - imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Well, that's a bit true, and I must say Weir couldn't have chosen a better couple's chemistry to imitate, but no one will ever be able to duplicate the screen magic of Ingrid and Cary's "longest screen kiss". It's matchless for all-time.

Article originally published in Mary Hutching's The Ingrid Chronicles on Matt Cawley's The Complete Ingrid Bergman Page

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